I’m back baby!

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Life has been more than chaotic and for way too long……I do think it will continue that way for quite awhile but I’m going to focus on having a more positive attitude and not use any of the issues going on as a reason to continue defeating myself with junk food!

I have not blogged in almost a year due my mac crashing and losing all of the data. I’ve been wanting to blog but not wanting to re-do the blog and get started all over again! I just started using a new program and started everything over…..I also didn’t feel very motivated to blog about health, low carb, nutrition, etc. when I was feasting on junk!

As you can see the food/recipe posts from a year ago were all about low carb. Since that time I have changed a bit in my thinking! I went crazy there for quite awhile eating anything and everything in sight…..not healthy things mind you but mostly junk, processed, convenient, high carb, etc. This was bad in so many ways and I’ll just leave it to your imagination as the details are too fresh in my mind to want to relive! Let’s just say, do not do what I did! It will leave you with a muffin top, a higher body fat percentage, needing a new not so flattering size wardrobe but more than that? It really sent my health in a spiral downward on so many levels…….and probably many that I’m not fully aware of!

I’m back baby! In my times of eating myself into oblivion I did keep trying to get out of that black hole! I mean I know what to do but the addiction in me to that comfort food that was so easy and yummy was wicked strong! I’m here to tell you that I am alive and kickin’……not only that but I’m working myself slowly back into that adorable little wardrobe in the back of my closet that I had almost given up on……Yes, what can I say, I am vain…..

The cool thing though? Since I’ve stopped the grains, legumes, sugar and dairy my moods are getting better, my skin is clearing up and I’m seeing other positive health changes too!  I’ve got a long way to go in terms of health since it’s a long journey but I’m doing it one day at a time! My blood sugar was spiking to very unhealthy ranges with some of the foods! I know all of the ramifications that go along with that and I refuse to allow myself to be another victim of Diabesity! Want to know what it was a few days ago when I checked it a few days into my re-started Paelo Lifestyle?

                                                          Paleo Rocks!

So do me a favor will ya? As you look back on previous food posts, please keep in mind that at that time I was focused on being low carb and sugar free. How has that changed? Currently I am not having any food labeled low carb (like low carb wheat tortillas), no dairy and the only artificial sweetener that I am using is stevia (I am looking into another one that I will try sometime called Just Like Sugar). Those recipes were great at that time but for my goal of optimal health and leanness they do not really fit in……..whole foods is where it’s at!

Will I ever have dairy, wheat, sugar, other artificial sweeteners, etc. again? I would love to say no but I am only human……but I will do my best and plan to stay away from all of that indefinitely…….right now I’m focusing on rebuilding any of my health that I can and there is no room for flexibility. I’m eating Paleo and loving it but I am sure that there will be some sensible vices in time that would be considered more Primal and I’m okay with that…..some day I may give in and have something not considered Paleo or Primal and you’ll be sure to see it here or my facebook.

This is a lifestyle and will be adjusted as necessary…….I’m not perfect but I’m striving to be my best!



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Since it was a beautiful, crisp fall day today I wanted to bake! At first thought I was thinking something with pumpkin but I have heard quite a few people talking about eating doughnuts lately…….so doughnuts it was! These are quick and easy to make! Takes less time to make the batter up then the baking time which is only 15 minutes!

Now these are not your typical doughnut as they are more a cake-like doughnut, not your average Krispy Kreme! Of course they don’t compare nutritionally to those either so they will not be adding inches to your waistline or inflaming your body, since they are sugar and wheat free! I have not tried it yet but next time I plan to use my unrefined virgin coconut oil so they can be dairy free as well!

Here is the batter in my awesome doughnut pan!

Here is the recipe if you are interested in trying these! We are sugar and wheat free for our health but if you are not avoiding sugar then you could easily use honey in place of the sugar free honey substitute that I use to keep us sugar free and low carb!

1/2c of coconut flour (sifted twice)
1/4 tsp sea salt
1/4 tsp baking soda
6 eggs
1/2c sugar free honey substitute
2 tsp vanilla extract (use pure)
1/2c unsalted butter, melted

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. My oven runs hot so mine was set to 325 degrees. Mix all of your dry ingredients in one bowl and set aside. Mix the remaining ingredients together in another bowl. Now mix the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients with a whisk. Continue to whisk until there are no lumps (or very few). Batter will thicken up a bit after it sits for a few minutes.
Spoon batter into greased circles of doughnut pan. Bake in preheated oven for 15-20 minutes until toothpick comes out clean. In my oven it took 15 minutes and they were perfect! I usually set my timer at least 5 minutes earlier and check to make sure I no longer burn things! They pop right out of the pan with ease with the mixture I used to grease the pan (see below).

If you have not worked with coconut flour, let me tell you it makes for a sticky batter! I am talking stick to the bottom of pans sticky! I had been using non-stick cooking spray but a few of my recipes have left a little more than I’d like in the bottom of my pans! I do not mind that too bad when it is just meant for us but they really wouldn’t be suitable for serving to company!

Today for the first time I whipped up a little concoction for greasing pans that I read about in the book Cooking with Coconut Flour by Bruce Fife. He says to melt 1/4c of coconut oil and them mix in 1/2 teaspoon of lecithin. We also tend to avoid soy in this house and majority of lecithin you will find is made of soy. I was able to find sunflower lecithin that is liquid so that is what I used! So I melted the coconut oil, mixed in the sunflower lecithin into it and then lightly greased my pan with that. You do have to keep the jar of this mixture in the refrigerator!

At this time I am slowly adding things back into my diet to see how my body reacts. Unfortunately sugar alcohols that are most of the artificial sweeteners I use for baking (except stevia which I am using right now daily) and coconut flour have not been added in yet as I’m sticking mostly to whole foods…….so I was not able to eat any of these delicious looking (and smelling) doughnuts! Hubby is my taste tester and he loved them so much he quickly ate three of the six! I wish that my little sweet eater Casey could have them but xylitol is not safe for pets (dogs or cats)! Please do not let them have anything made with xylitol as it can cause their blood sugar to drop severely causing vomiting, loss of coordination, seizures and even death!

I had planned to make a nice buttercream frosting (sugar free) for these doughnuts but John ate half of them so quickly that it will have to wait until the next batch I make! Since these are cake-like I think that they would make a great base for strawberry shortcake! I might experiment with this recipe a bit and try to create pumpkin doughnuts since it is that time of year! Mmmmm, pumpkin doughnuts with cream cheese frosting served up with a nice cup of pumpkin spice coffee sounds delish!

Sugar free coconut flour doughnuts without frosting

Burger anyone?

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Oh how I have missed you my blog! More important though I have missed my food! I mean how fun can food blogging be if you are only eating romaine, cucumber, chicken and fish! I am back to adding in the yummy fat now, so I have been cooking, eating and of course enjoying all of the food!

No one makes a better burger than hubby! You can check out his site at Whats John Eating.

My first fat added back was of course a juicy burger! I was wanting something crunchy to add to my burger basket though! So came zuchinni and onion straws!

If you have a spiralizer it may seem like a great idea to use it to make zucchini or onion straws, but speaking from experience, they shrink down to tiny little wisps of nothing once fried in oil! They did taste good but next time I will hand cut things a bit thicker and hope for something more substantial! The spiralizer is very affordable and fantastic for spaghetti noodles made with veggies and lots of other things too!

Once you have sliced them to the size that you want you will want to squeeze all of the excess moisture out before deep frying. You might not want to use a dish cloth like I did. Next time it will be paper towels since it took two washings to get the onion smell out of that dish cloth! We fried them in coconut oil but it is a tricky process!


Hey cooking is fun but most of the time it is experimental. The good thing about that? Well there is always room for improvement! I don’t mind experiments when they are at least edible! Sometimes things may not look nice enough to share with company though until you’ve mastered that particular try!

I am loving right a newly made up before bed, dessert treat too. Cut up frozen strawberries and let them sit out about half an hour……in the mean time open a can of thai coconut milk (full fat is the only one to use) that has been in the refrigerator over night……spoon out the thick white until you reach the coconut water. Leave the coconut water to use for something else or just drink up since it is full of electrolytes! You take this coconut milk fat, add stevia (I use one packet), some pure vanilla and I grind some fresh cinnamon into it……whip it to mix it and thicken it up a bit with your small whisk and refrigerate.

No it is not thick like whipping cream but for now I am not adding dairy back into my diet until I can get my hands on either organic full fat greek yogurt or raw dairy which we will be adding to our diet soon! So you just spoon this yummy sweet slightly thickened coconut milk onto the semi frozen strawberries and mix it up! It remind me of when I was a little girl and we would have vanilla icecream and mash up fresh strawberries in it! Delish! Of course not only is it healthy for you but it is a great way to end your night……but only if you serve it up in your favorite bowl!


Food Porn!

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Looking for delicious food porn that makes you drool on your computer screen and gives you an idea for dinner?


Look no further than www.whatsjohneating.com

He’s not only the low carb grill master but he’s developed some creative cooking skills in the kitchen too! You will enjoy pictures, recipes and entertaining writing!

What Would Dexter Do?

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Oh how I’ve missed you Dexter!


I sure will not be missing Rita’s whining, complaining, judgement and expecting Dexter to do everything for her!


It seems like I have waited forever for this new season! Can not wait to see what they throw at us this season!


Nothing to be guilty about! He is an amazing vigilante!


Less than four hours to wait!

Love Mounds?

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Does this look yummy to you?

Are you on the ACD (Anti-Candida Diet)?

Enjoy 19 recipes that are free of refined sugar, gluten, egg, and dairy!


Go to SS&GF to try to win the cookbook with this recipe!

You only turn 40 once……

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So I’ve gotten behind in my blogging since my 40th birthday! It was a very happy birthday thanks to my wonderful hubby!


I made my cake early, as well as the filling and frosting and put it all in the freezer! This is what the cake looked like before it was all yummied up! Haha, not quite as pretty! The cake recipe is from Maria’s Nutritional Consulting blog. I used her recipe for the cake as well as the filling. I tried to make a buttercream frosting instead of what she used but since I couldn’t taste any of this as I made it, well lets just say last minute I frosted it with homemade chocolate heavy whipping cream instead! If you want to check out her recipe then click here.


I also did not want to take a chance and have something that didn’t taste good or turn out so I made a back up! This is a coconut flour pound cake that I figured would make a wonderful strawberry shortcake (and it did)! The pound cake recipe can be found here at Lauren’s Healthy Indulgences blog. As you can see hers is a loaf but I decided to bake mine in the bundt pan instead. I also made a few tweaks for ingredients I had on hand so my recipe was slightly different than hers and so delicious!


I really wanted Olive Garden for my birthday. I love their Tour of Italy. Since I’m now living a low carb lifestyle for my health that was not an option! We did have a low carb dinner that was fabulous and I definitely think my lasagna beats theirs hands down! By the time I finished cooking everything that day I skipped the salad but we will try that another time!


These are low carb breadsticks with marinara! Hubby loved these. Me? Well they just aren’t my thing since to me they had a hint of a taste and texture like cornbread. Me no likey cornbread! The dinner recipes are all loosely based on recipes in Maria’s Cookbook that you can find here.

The night before my birthday we had an amazing time celebrating together at the Nickelback concert! We have seen them three times the past year, all on their Darkhorse tour but each time has been with different bands. This one was Buck Cherry and Three Days Grace. No one rocks as good as Nickelback though! I don’t think we will see them again on the Darkhorse tour but I swear I’ll never tire of watching them! We have been to a lot of concerts over the years but no one performs as well as they do live!

Ok, back to the actual birthday! Just a few more pictures of the delectable icecream! This was the dairy based one but its still sugar free! It was sweeter and very rich! I will adjust the sweetener on the coconut one next time and it will be as yummy! I will try to get recipes for the icecream posted soon! I would say it was as scoopable as regular sugar icecream from the store when we pull it out of our freezer! If I don’t get it posted soon and you want the recipes, feel free to click the contact me at the very bottom of my blog and drop me an email!


I sure wish the cake and icecream has not turned out so yummy! I just wanted to have some every night until it was gone! As healthy as they are being wheat and sugar free, I won’t be making them too often since both hubby and I could eat enough to not be considered healthy! They will be for special occasions



Even though the concert was the gift that we purchased forever ago for the big 40, hubby is a doll and couldn’t stand the thought of me not having something to open on the actual day…….he is the best and he did great too! He knows me too well after all of these years! The card he picked was beyond perfect too!