Seasons of Change

Change to me is easily compared to a roller coaster ride. With each steep incline, curve or vertical twist you can only hope that the next loop is exciting, adrenaline rushing, fulfilling, and enjoyable. It would be nice if there was a little button to push on that safety bar where you could pick a place to get off for awhile, stay, relax, and enjoy that pleasurable part of the ride…..before that large drop takes your breath away!

Our lives have changed significantly over the years. Some of those changes I haven’t minded, while others, I’d rather not even think about them let alone have lived through them. People say that change is good but I can’t say that I fully agree with that. At the time of some changes it feels as though you just can’t go on, can not even push through it. You can’t see the other side at that point or the big picture. Later after the adjustment is made and you realize that life indeed does go on you may see that ultimately that change was a good thing, even if you weren’t the one to make it to happen.

Yet other times there is just change. Change that can’t be realized for any good at the present time or the future. When enough time has passed that you can look back and still wish that change had not occurred. It does not matter if it was change that resulted by a choice you made or was at the hands of another.

Like the seasons of change in the picture of the trees in my theme of the webpage, this blog will be a reflection of change in me. There are many layers to who I am, just like the many intricacies of the change in seasons. Some of these layers I embrace and accept and I want them to flourish. Others layers are not as becoming and it is those layers that will become less of me over time.

As my favorite season of fall approaches I plan to watch the leaves brilliantly change colors ever so slowly and then fall away from the trees as they wither and die. During this amazing season of color and change, I will slowly peel away layers of myself that need to change and brush them aside. As the underground rustlings stir during the supposedly dormant season of winter there will also be an internal rustling going on for me. You may or may not notice as some changes are more within myself but others may be more apparent. When springtime finally starts budding, flowering and blooming, I hope to blossom into an improved version of myself.

Fall is my season of change that is fast approaching and I am embracing it on every level!


~ by divagatinglife on September 2, 2010.

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