First Cat in 6 Years!

Casey was the first new addition to our little family after having about 6 years of no animals due to health issues. We finally decided that we were lonely, missed the animal love and we wanted to try and see if we could tolerate another cat. I researched all of the ways to make having a cat in the house less allergenic and made a list of what to do. We decided that since we had always had persians before (even had a cattery named Persmania many years ago) and we loved the squishy face but not the mats that came with their long hair that we would get an exotic shorthair. I had always wanted and blue and white bi-color persian and so the search began to find a blue and white bi-color exotic shorthair!

After searching the internet to try to find a semi-local breeder we came upon Lollycats. As it turned out our timing was just about perfect. She had two show quality blue and white exotic kittens, one female and one male…….we decided we really wanted a girl since we had problems with males spraying in the past. We get our first adorable picture of her and we fall in love. I mean look at that face, how can’t you adore her already? We could hardly stand the wait until she was old enough to come home!

Casey23_112505 Casey10_112505

We bought her toys, a bed, water and food bowls, a carrier and food as we prepared to bring her home right before Christmas! She came home with her favorite toy and still has it to this day (see the little toy by her foot?)

Caseysbowls Caseyhome
Now to determine a name! I really wanted to name her even before we got her. I started researching names and their meanings. I am not even sure how I came upon the information but I found that the Greek name for Casey means a familiar form of Acacia. Well of course I needed to know what Acacia was! When I went to see what the Greek term Acacia means it said thorny, mythology: the acacia tree symbolizes immortality and resurrection. In my mind when I think of resurrection I think of Christ dying on the cross, resurrecting. To me the second chance he gives us is like us being reborn. So I chose this beautiful little girl’s name to be Casey as related to being reborn or getting a second chance. I know that may not click with anyone else but that is how I chose her name because she was a second chance for us being able to have a cat again!

She was playful but more than anything she was daddy’s little girl! She loved spending time with John while he worked at his desk on his office day, this became her space until she outgrew it! Even then she’d try to squeeze in!

Casey12_18_05_pic4 Casey12_18_05_daddygirl2 Casey@desk 1_3_06

Casey has grown into a beautiful cat. Can you believe the size difference?

CaseypinkbedLITTLE CaseyPinkBedBIG
She never really learned how to play well with other cats but when we did add more (you’ll hear about them another time because this little princess deserves a post all of her own!) but she became very cuddly, sleeping beside one of us most nights or sometimes right in the middle of us! She tries to play but tends to be rough and the others don’t understand. I really think she’d prefer to still be an only cat!

CaseyNeo08212007 caseysuitcase casey&hummer

She has many hobbies! She likes traveling in the RV we had, she really knows how to relax after a good bike session and she loves to look down on all the other cats when she’s at the tippy top of the condo!

CaseyTravels_June2006 004 CaseyBiked caseyhigh
Casey shares my Mom’s birthday and will be 5 years old on September 18th! I really need to maker her a birthday treat because she loves her sugar!

CaseySugarCookie CaseyTwinkie
She is also a little OCD. She has to scratch on the side of the litter box until you’d swear her little paw would bleed… to get her to stop you tell her that’s enough and she runs out of the litter box only to then come right back and do about 10 more scratches on the inside of that litter box. I think the next few times I will have to count how many so I can see what her OCD number is!

I swear she has multiple personalities! Sometimes she wants to run outside and join the others but she waits patiently on top of the hutch peering outside through what looks like little prison bars!


When John came home from the hospital she slept by his side all the time to make him feel better.

John built an amazing catbitat when we adopted a family of cats (I’ll tell you more about them later) and so our indoor cats have been able to enjoy the outdoors but still be safe from any harm! She was so adorable the first time we put her out there. She enjoyed the breezes. She climbed up high on the shelves. She listened to the birds and tired to hunt them. Part of the outdoor enclosure or catbitat had white rock as part of the area to be walked on. It was hilarious when she walked on it for the first time……one paw down, next paw down and then suddenly all of her legs went out from beneath her as she sprawled on her belly from the shock of the feeling of the rocks to her paws! Of course true to her character as we laugh at her, she jumps up, runs off of the rock, sits on the pavement and licks herself nonchalantly!

Casey.OutsideCloseupjpg caseyoutside
Happy early birthday Casey! I hope that we have you around here for many, many more years!


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