I Can’t Wait!!

I am so loving this weather outside. I wish that it could stay sunny and beautiful, cool and breezy all year long! The crispness in the air makes me want to get outside and move! Brisk walks, intervals at the park…….but alas my body won’t have any part of that this year. It disappoints me more than you could ever know. Being off of work and being so limited by one’s own health is not something that I should be dealing with at this age, let alone for the past six or so. I’m told I am getting better and some days, actually sometimes only hours, it feels that way but then bam, down again or at least struggling to stay up!

So excited! Today I received an early birthday present!
A new icecream maker! Isn’t it beautiful? I had a 2qt cuisinart before and it lasted for many years and it was used like crazy before it finally gave up! This new one has 1 and 1/2 qt containers but it has two of them side by side! I can whip up two flavors at the same time!! What’s better then that? Now I’m just looking at different low carb recipes and trying to decide which two flavors to make for my birthday!! I suppose I ought to be nice and make one flavor for hubby since he bought me the awesome present! He likes simple flavors without anything added to them. I love pretty much any flavor but usually I want something crunchy or chewy in it! Many years ago that was anything nuts but since I developed a severe anaphylactic allergy to peanuts and all tree nuts, no such luck! It really bites too since I keep seeing all of these amazing flavors of treats that I will never be able to try! Anyway, I have adapted and now make my own sunbutter and have on occasion whipped that up and made my own version of moose tracks icecream! I’d love that for my birthday but honestly, I just don’t have the energy since you have to roast the raw sunflower seeds, then process until smooth with just the right amount of stevia, organic virgin coconut oil and sea salt! Then you have to mix that up for filling, make the chocolate mix and piece it all together to make sunbutter cups to chunk up for adding to the icecream!


The containers are already in the freezer and if I feel up to it I will whip some up tomorrow for hubby to try. I sure hope these icecreams turn out and that he doesn’t eat it all! I can’t have any until next week when I get to add fats into my diet! In the past when I tried low carb icecream (meaning sugar free) with heavy cream or coconut milk they would also freeze rock solid…….not a problem as we would just set it out for awhile but then it seemed to melt pretty fast. I’ve read over a lot of recipe ideas, tips and tricks on low carb friends and I am ready to give it a try, hopefully getting a truly delicious, sugar free, low carb, scoopable icecream!

I think I have also decided on the cake I will make for my birthday! This cake looks absolutely divine and of course it is low carb and sugar free since that will now be my (our) lifestyle! You can click on the picture to see Maria’s webpage with lots of yummy recipes with pictures for a healthier lifestyle! I mean who would not want to dig into a cake with the name of Boston Cream Pie? I sure hope that mine looks this appetizing and taste delish! I have a back up plan in case it doesn’t turn out but I can’t imagine that it won’t be to die for!

Making everything from scratch is tedious when I’m not feeling well but ultimately, I know it will be worth the effort because it will result in better health over the long term! When I do feel well I love to experiment, cook and bake as it is very therapeutic and a great stress reliever for me (not to mention fun to eat and share)! I will post pics as I make things, as well as a review of taste, texture, etc.

Now for the hard part…….dairy or dairy free (coconut milk)? Chocolate or vanilla for hubby? Strawberry, mocha with swirls of chocolate, mint chocolate chip or vanilla with swirls of chocolate for me? Decisions, decisions!


~ by divagatinglife on September 8, 2010.

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