Homemade Sunbutter, yum!

As I prepare to add healthy fats back into my diet, I am prepping food for it. Tuesday can’t come soon enough! It also helps hubby since he gets to eat the things I am making now!

I can’t have nuts of any kind due to severe anaphylactic allergies (that I carry an epipen for). It has gotten so bad that I have reacted to patient’s families having peanut butter in the room and I even have to avoid the area at the grocery store that has nuts in the plastic storage type bags, because if my immune system is run down at that time, even the smell of those can cause me to hive!

In came sunbutter. I love it! To me it taste and acts like peanut butter, although I haven’t had the real thing in so many years that it may not work that way for someone who regularly eats peanut butter! I have made sunbutter cookies and buckeye’s for holidays and family didn’t seem to notice as they gobbled them all up! When I first came across sunbutter I bought the crunchy. Unfortunately it has evaporated cane juice in it. They came out with an organic version that is smooth and has no sugar, but at about $9 a jar it became too pricey for the crazy amounts of baking I do at the holidays! I decided to try to make my own and I feel it’s a success! Hubby does too.

First you need raw hulled sunflower seeds. I buy mine online here and they look like this. You can order them here.


Spread those out between two baking sheets like this:

Add coconut oil (or oil of your choice) to these and lightly salt them with unrefined sea salt unless you prefer unsalted, or are told to limit your salt. Now pop those bad boys into a preheated oven at 200 degrees (mine runs 25 degrees hot so you may need to set yours to 225) and set your timer for 10 minutes. Continue checking and stirring them around, re-spreading them out about every 10 minutes. I change shelves at this point as well since my oven heats uneven. It takes about 30-35 minutes for mine. Toward the end I check them every 5 minutes so I do not end up scorching any of them!

Now its time to dump those roasted, delicious smelling sunflower seeds into your food processor. If a few just happen to make their way off the side of that cookie sheet and onto the counter you must eat and enjoy those, it is part of the process! If you don’t have a food processor then you really need to pick one up! The roasted seeds will process a bit quicker and smoother if you do this part right out of the oven!

I then spread a half of a packet of stevia and at least a tablespoon of healthy and yummy coconut oil on top of the roasted seeds and then just start processing away. It can be sort of tedious at first as they crumble up and are a bit dry. You will have to keep stopping the processing and spooning that off of the edges and bottom and start processing again. If you want to add more coconut oil then feel free to at any point. It does process a bit easier and unrefined coconut oil is healthy for you!

Once it is semi smooth then just whir away for 5-10 minutes, depending on how smooth you would like it. The longer you process the smoother it becomes, otherwise it can be a bit grainy. You may need to add more or less oil or more or less stevia depending on your needs. If you like it a bit saltier just add a little sea salt, taste and adjust until its yummy to your taste buds!

Now just spoon it into the jar of your choice. I usually roast up three bags of sunflower seeds. One batch is stored in a larger jar for snacking but sometimes they will go into the freezer if neither of us are into snacking! You can always pop it out of the freezer easily enough at another time to snack on once its back to room temperature or hey you may need to make more sunbutter! Two of the roasted bags are made into batches of sunbutter. I make up one batch of sunbutter while the next seeds are roasting. One jar of sunbutter is stored in the freezer and the other in the refrigerator.


I have to forewarn you though that this stuff is addicting! I know, I know, it is healthy but still portion control is a must since it is pretty calorific! We enjoy it on homemade low carb bread, english muffins, spooned into chobani or fage greek yogurt, mixed into sugar free low carb icecream, made into sugar free sunbutter cups, on crisp, granny smith apples and well, I have to be honest here……..right off the spoon!



~ by divagatinglife on September 11, 2010.

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