Tuesday’s Fatty Food Recap!

Tuesday was the first day in over a month that I was able to add in healthy, delicious fat to my menu!


Breakfast was an omelette filled with bacon, homemade sausage (so there wasn’t any sugar or starch in it) and green pepper. Of course it had to be topped with sugar free salsa for a bit of spice! YUM!

Pancake J'sbreakfast_LC

Hubby wanted a bigger breakfast and wasn’t in the mood for an omelette! So I whipped up some wheat free pancakes for him that were made with coconut flour! Lower carb yet high in fiber! I’m pretty sure he ate more than one!


Had some leftover steak in the freezer. I thawed that, added it to a salad of romaine, tomato, green pepper and a homemade ranch dressing that was of course free of sugar and starch! It was delish but I could only stuff in about two thirds of it!


Dinner was a ground chuck burger that hubby cooked up on the grill. He makes them so juicy but no pink! That pink would gag me and I’d never be able to eat it! Split that puppy in half, sprinkle on some spicy pepper jack cheese, jalapeno mustard, dill pickles, a slice each of tomato and lettuce…..then wrap it up and serve in the basket! Originally I had planned to have caramelized brussel sprouts in that basket but I was too full and stuffed with the burger!

I must say the food was delicious. It was so very filling compared to what I had been eating but doc orders are just that, so I had to follow through. I am not sure which was better that day, the food or finally getting to shave with shaving cream, lather my body up with whipped cocoa body wash and then lotion up with coconut oil to rid my body of the dryness I’d been enduring through this!


~ by divagatinglife on September 17, 2010.

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