You only turn 40 once……

So I’ve gotten behind in my blogging since my 40th birthday! It was a very happy birthday thanks to my wonderful hubby!


I made my cake early, as well as the filling and frosting and put it all in the freezer! This is what the cake looked like before it was all yummied up! Haha, not quite as pretty! The cake recipe is from Maria’s Nutritional Consulting blog. I used her recipe for the cake as well as the filling. I tried to make a buttercream frosting instead of what she used but since I couldn’t taste any of this as I made it, well lets just say last minute I frosted it with homemade chocolate heavy whipping cream instead! If you want to check out her recipe then click here.


I also did not want to take a chance and have something that didn’t taste good or turn out so I made a back up! This is a coconut flour pound cake that I figured would make a wonderful strawberry shortcake (and it did)! The pound cake recipe can be found here at Lauren’s Healthy Indulgences blog. As you can see hers is a loaf but I decided to bake mine in the bundt pan instead. I also made a few tweaks for ingredients I had on hand so my recipe was slightly different than hers and so delicious!


I really wanted Olive Garden for my birthday. I love their Tour of Italy. Since I’m now living a low carb lifestyle for my health that was not an option! We did have a low carb dinner that was fabulous and I definitely think my lasagna beats theirs hands down! By the time I finished cooking everything that day I skipped the salad but we will try that another time!


These are low carb breadsticks with marinara! Hubby loved these. Me? Well they just aren’t my thing since to me they had a hint of a taste and texture like cornbread. Me no likey cornbread! The dinner recipes are all loosely based on recipes in Maria’s Cookbook that you can find here.

The night before my birthday we had an amazing time celebrating together at the Nickelback concert! We have seen them three times the past year, all on their Darkhorse tour but each time has been with different bands. This one was Buck Cherry and Three Days Grace. No one rocks as good as Nickelback though! I don’t think we will see them again on the Darkhorse tour but I swear I’ll never tire of watching them! We have been to a lot of concerts over the years but no one performs as well as they do live!

Ok, back to the actual birthday! Just a few more pictures of the delectable icecream! This was the dairy based one but its still sugar free! It was sweeter and very rich! I will adjust the sweetener on the coconut one next time and it will be as yummy! I will try to get recipes for the icecream posted soon! I would say it was as scoopable as regular sugar icecream from the store when we pull it out of our freezer! If I don’t get it posted soon and you want the recipes, feel free to click the contact me at the very bottom of my blog and drop me an email!


I sure wish the cake and icecream has not turned out so yummy! I just wanted to have some every night until it was gone! As healthy as they are being wheat and sugar free, I won’t be making them too often since both hubby and I could eat enough to not be considered healthy! They will be for special occasions



Even though the concert was the gift that we purchased forever ago for the big 40, hubby is a doll and couldn’t stand the thought of me not having something to open on the actual day…….he is the best and he did great too! He knows me too well after all of these years! The card he picked was beyond perfect too!


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