Burger anyone?

Oh how I have missed you my blog! More important though I have missed my food! I mean how fun can food blogging be if you are only eating romaine, cucumber, chicken and fish! I am back to adding in the yummy fat now, so I have been cooking, eating and of course enjoying all of the food!

No one makes a better burger than hubby! You can check out his site at Whats John Eating.

My first fat added back was of course a juicy burger! I was wanting something crunchy to add to my burger basket though! So came zuchinni and onion straws!

If you have a spiralizer it may seem like a great idea to use it to make zucchini or onion straws, but speaking from experience, they shrink down to tiny little wisps of nothing once fried in oil! They did taste good but next time I will hand cut things a bit thicker and hope for something more substantial! The spiralizer is very affordable and fantastic for spaghetti noodles made with veggies and lots of other things too!

Once you have sliced them to the size that you want you will want to squeeze all of the excess moisture out before deep frying. You might not want to use a dish cloth like I did. Next time it will be paper towels since it took two washings to get the onion smell out of that dish cloth! We fried them in coconut oil but it is a tricky process!


Hey cooking is fun but most of the time it is experimental. The good thing about that? Well there is always room for improvement! I don’t mind experiments when they are at least edible! Sometimes things may not look nice enough to share with company though until you’ve mastered that particular try!

I am loving right a newly made up before bed, dessert treat too. Cut up frozen strawberries and let them sit out about half an hour……in the mean time open a can of thai coconut milk (full fat is the only one to use) that has been in the refrigerator over night……spoon out the thick white until you reach the coconut water. Leave the coconut water to use for something else or just drink up since it is full of electrolytes! You take this coconut milk fat, add stevia (I use one packet), some pure vanilla and I grind some fresh cinnamon into it……whip it to mix it and thicken it up a bit with your small whisk and refrigerate.

No it is not thick like whipping cream but for now I am not adding dairy back into my diet until I can get my hands on either organic full fat greek yogurt or raw dairy which we will be adding to our diet soon! So you just spoon this yummy sweet slightly thickened coconut milk onto the semi frozen strawberries and mix it up! It remind me of when I was a little girl and we would have vanilla icecream and mash up fresh strawberries in it! Delish! Of course not only is it healthy for you but it is a great way to end your night……but only if you serve it up in your favorite bowl!



~ by divagatinglife on October 29, 2010.

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