I’m back baby!

Life has been more than chaotic and for way too long……I do think it will continue that way for quite awhile but I’m going to focus on having a more positive attitude and not use any of the issues going on as a reason to continue defeating myself with junk food!

I have not blogged in almost a year due my mac crashing and losing all of the data. I’ve been wanting to blog but not wanting to re-do the blog and get started all over again! I just started using a new program and started everything over…..I also didn’t feel very motivated to blog about health, low carb, nutrition, etc. when I was feasting on junk!

As you can see the food/recipe posts from a year ago were all about low carb. Since that time I have changed a bit in my thinking! I went crazy there for quite awhile eating anything and everything in sight…..not healthy things mind you but mostly junk, processed, convenient, high carb, etc. This was bad in so many ways and I’ll just leave it to your imagination as the details are too fresh in my mind to want to relive! Let’s just say, do not do what I did! It will leave you with a muffin top, a higher body fat percentage, needing a new not so flattering size wardrobe but more than that? It really sent my health in a spiral downward on so many levels…….and probably many that I’m not fully aware of!

I’m back baby! In my times of eating myself into oblivion I did keep trying to get out of that black hole! I mean I know what to do but the addiction in me to that comfort food that was so easy and yummy was wicked strong! I’m here to tell you that I am alive and kickin’……not only that but I’m working myself slowly back into that adorable little wardrobe in the back of my closet that I had almost given up on……Yes, what can I say, I am vain…..

The cool thing though? Since I’ve stopped the grains, legumes, sugar and dairy my moods are getting better, my skin is clearing up and I’m seeing other positive health changes too!  I’ve got a long way to go in terms of health since it’s a long journey but I’m doing it one day at a time! My blood sugar was spiking to very unhealthy ranges with some of the foods! I know all of the ramifications that go along with that and I refuse to allow myself to be another victim of Diabesity! Want to know what it was a few days ago when I checked it a few days into my re-started Paelo Lifestyle?

                                                          Paleo Rocks!

So do me a favor will ya? As you look back on previous food posts, please keep in mind that at that time I was focused on being low carb and sugar free. How has that changed? Currently I am not having any food labeled low carb (like low carb wheat tortillas), no dairy and the only artificial sweetener that I am using is stevia (I am looking into another one that I will try sometime called Just Like Sugar). Those recipes were great at that time but for my goal of optimal health and leanness they do not really fit in……..whole foods is where it’s at!

Will I ever have dairy, wheat, sugar, other artificial sweeteners, etc. again? I would love to say no but I am only human……but I will do my best and plan to stay away from all of that indefinitely…….right now I’m focusing on rebuilding any of my health that I can and there is no room for flexibility. I’m eating Paleo and loving it but I am sure that there will be some sensible vices in time that would be considered more Primal and I’m okay with that…..some day I may give in and have something not considered Paleo or Primal and you’ll be sure to see it here or my facebook.

This is a lifestyle and will be adjusted as necessary…….I’m not perfect but I’m striving to be my best!


~ by divagatinglife on October 5, 2011.

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